7 Steps to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

How to hire Ukrainian software developers: A 7-step guide

Do you think that hiring developers offshore for your business is difficult? Hopefully, globalization is at its peak, and having a dedicated team of experts working for you from another country is easier than ever. Have a look at seven easy steps you should take to hire software developers in Ukraine and start creating your dream team today. 

1. Find the right recruiting agency 

When looking for a partner who will help you find the best experts on the labor market, make sure that it is reliable and experienced. Check out the recruiting agency’s portfolio and its success stories. The good signs are references and testimonials from its previous clients.
A trustworthy recruiting agency gives realistic terms and doesn’t promise you to find a professional team in one week. We also recommend you choose an agency that operates all over Ukraine. There are more than 200,000 IT specialists in Ukraine with the main technical hubs in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. Don’t limit yourself only to one city.

2. Sign a contract with the recruiting agency

The contract should include two parts: terms of the employee’s turnout and conditions of his or her trial period. A reliable recruiting agency always provides a substitute if an employee failed to pass the probation period. Keep in mind that the Ukrainian legislation allows payment transactions from abroad and there are no problems with paying salaries to the workers or remunerations to the recruiting agency.

contract with a recruiting agency

3. Describe your opening

A recruiting agency helps you describe the position you want to fill in to make it appealing for the applicants. If you have difficulties explaining what kind of software developer you need, professional headhunters will help you out by clarifying your expectations. They will also emphasize the benefits the applicants will get when working with your company, so you can get a wider pool of candidates to choose from.


4. Get updated every week

When the description of the job opportunity is ready, the recruiting agency starts searching for your perfect applicant. Depending on the stack of skills you require from your candidate, the headhunting period can take from several weeks up to a couple of months. In every case, you will receive updates every week or with the other frequency of your choice. 

5. First screening


Before you receive any contacts or get any interviews, the recruiting agency will make the first screening. This is necessary to make sure that the information in the applicant’s resume is true and to double-check if the applicant really corresponds to your requirements in terms of experience, soft skills, and the stack of technologies he or she has to work with.

6. Set interviews 

Depending on your company’s recruiting policy or the needs of your business, there might be several interviews. If your goal is to hire a software developer, you will need a technical interview with the applicant. If you’re searching for a specialist of a junior level and your applicant doesn’t have a vast portfolio yet, there will have to be a test task. If you’re about to find a person for a key position, some more interviews with top management or the team members might be required. 


An experienced recruiting agency will help you find out how many steps the recruiting process should include.

7. Send your matching expert an offer

When you found your perfect applicant, an agency will send him or her a job offer. When the document is signed, the onboarding process starts. You can cover this step by yourself or ask for assistance from the agency. Your recruiting partner will track your newbie’s performance for several months, making check-ups in order to prevent any discontent both by you or your employee.



In RecruitGarden, we see ourselves as a reliable bridge between you and your team. Our work never ends and we never leave you alone: Rest assured that our experts will answer all your questions concerning any of the steps we’ve described and beyond. 
We’re here for you 24/7 to help you find the best experts for your team, onboard them, assist with relocation if it is needed, and deal with the Ukrainian legislation requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our services and hire the best team of Ukrainian software developers for your business.