5 Ways to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

How to hire software developers in Ukraine: 5 ways to employ a dedicated team of experienced coders

Do you plan to hire developers for a startup, need a team of coders for your mature enterprise, want to scale your business, or hire some unique technical talents for your intricate app? You can satisfy all your business needs by hiring Ukrainian software developers.

The US, Israelian, Canadian, and Western European companies choose Ukrainian contractors to work on their projects for several reasons:

  1. Solid technical skills. Ukrainian educational system delivers technical specialists that are highly valued all over the globe. According to a national survey by AIN.ua, more than 70% of developers in Ukraine are master’s or bachelor’s degree holders in STEM disciplines.
  2. Affordable hourly rate. With a median income of $2,500 per month, Ukraine programmer salary is on average three times lower than the remuneration of a specialist with the same skills and experience but living in the USA. This means that as an offshore business, you can dramatically reduce your labor costs when you hire developers on contract from Ukraine.
  3. Good command of English. According to the national survey of Ukrainian engineers working in the IT-sphere, more than 50% of Ukraine developers have an Upper-Intermediate or Intermediate level of English, and 13% can speak it fluently. The shared language is a good basis for efficient communication.
  4. A large pool of specialists. In 2021, there are almost 200,000 coders, QA engineers, and other IT specialists in Ukraine. You will most likely find a developer that will suit your needs as the stack of technologies Ukrainian engineers use is immense. You can hire developers for app written with Go, Scala, Ruby, as well as more common Java, JavaScript, or Python.

So what are the ways to attract the best experts into your team? Can you hire developers online or there is a necessity to visit Ukraine? Check out five ways you can choose to employ your dream team.

  1. LinkedIn

    This is the most popular professional social network that is aimed at helping good specialists find their dream jobs and companies search for qualified personnel. As a business, you can apply the targeted search or paid Linkedin Ads to look for specific experts working with the technology stack you need.

    What can go wrong?

    – Not all specialists in Linkedin indicate that they are looking for new opportunities. This means that by using target search, you cut yourself from multiple passive candidates that might fit your position.

    – When you choose the paid option, you pay for the views and clicks, however, there is no guarantee that you will receive relevant resumes and will close the opening.

  2. Job search engines

Though work.ua and rabota.ua are two national platforms that have the largest number of registered candidates, they might not be the best choice to search for Ukraine developers. If you want to recruit technical talents by yourself, we would recommend you using Djinni.co or DOU.ua, the engines that are focused on IT in Ukraine.


          What can go wrong?

– Finding a perfect match can take you a while. As well as with LinkedIn candidates, if you offer high wages and appealing projects, you will probably get multiple responses. However, not all of them will be relevant to your opening.

– You still pay for the process and not the result and if you’re new to recruiting candidates and IT outsourcing to Ukraine, you will spend some time picking the right key phrases that will trigger your perfect candidates.
If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to have your opening passively hanging online, we recommend you finding a trustworthy partner who can do the labor market analysis for you and come up with a perfect job description you can further use

         3. Upwork

Businesses that want to offshore software development to Ukraine, often opt for a freelance type of cooperation. Freelance marketplaces offer quite convenient search-and-find processes, however, hiring freelancers has some disadvantages.

            What can go wrong?

– As a rule, freelance platforms like Upwork charge up to one-fifth of the project cost which increases your labor costs up to 20%.

– Upwork is a great tool if you need one or several developers, however, it might be less convenient if you want to set up a fully-set dedicated team of 10+ people.

– No contracts signed means no responsibility. Employers can come across unreliable executors who can be less skilled or experienced than they state or wrongly estimate the time they need for the project.


4. Outstaffing companies

If you’re planning to delegate software development, outsourcing to Ukraine might be a good choice for you. When opting for this collaboration model, you sign a contract with an ally who takes care of hiring, onboarding, managing, and controlling the team dedicated to your project.


What can go wrong?

– Some outsourcing companies are not fully transparent. They might sell you Junior developers as Seniors or add unexpectable costs to your final check.

– Some companies will try to convince you to use technologies that don’t match your purposes just because they have suitable developers in staff.

5. Recruitment agencies

If your goal is to hire dedicated developers in Ukraine who are fully devoted to your company and who will share your vision and principles, getting professional help from a reliable recruitment agency might be the best solution. The recruitment agency will find a specialist according to your needs and make sure that you’re satisfied with a developer or a complete team that will work on your project.

Services you get from RecruitGarden

– You don’t have to worry about the job description. Portray a perfect candidate for our recruiters and they will make the opportunities you give and the benefits you provide sound appealing to the best developers.

– You don’t have to place ads. We will choose applicable channels for your opening and will select the most relevant candidates for you. Along with the aforementioned job search platforms, we have our own databases of specialists who’re open to new opportunities but don’t want to inform the internet that they’re looking for a job.

– Rest assured that the candidates will correspond to your needs. Our headhunters will screen the applicants to make sure they have the experience, technical knowledge, and soft skills you require.

– We will be here for you even when the offer is accepted. We will make check-ups during the trial period and even after to see if both you and your new employee are satisfied.

With our help, you can employ a single technical talent, get a team of 5+ developers to work on your project, or hire the whole R&D center of 50+ people. Our experts will help you with legislation and accounting matters and will assist you if you decide to relocate your new teammates.
Now, when you know how to hire top developers, evaluate all the pros and cons of the tools and options we’ve mentioned. Consider the time and money you’re willing to spend on the procedure and choose the method that will suit your business the best.