Lead Data Scientist



Are you ready to start the most exciting research on the USA pricing market? We’re looking for a Lead Data Scientist to develop a new product from scratch. You’ll work at an international company with a unique knowledge base and creative approach to algorithms. Let’s discuss the details?

Main Responsibilities

– Be responsible for DS-ML-related solutions developed by all SnD squads: maintenance and improvement of existing solutions; design, development, and implementation of new solutions

– Provide technical leadership for other SnD DSs

– Test developed algorithms, work with the SnD team within UAT, adapt, and reach DOD and DOR

– Verify key tasks done by SnD DS, such as model training and AB test design

– Conduct code reviews for DS-ML-related solutions

– Automate DS work in SnD.Develop data requirements for SnD implementation projects

– Cooperate with IM and DE to achieve and maintain the optimal dataset configuration according to DS-ML needs

– Measure solution stability, quality, and effectiveness; transparently communicate the current state of things to other roles/teams, and suggest and implement improvements

– Regularly collaborate (provide prototypes/ideas/detailed feature requests) with RnD Teams on tools for SnD

Mandatory Requirements

– A minimum of 5 years of experience in data science or a related field

– Proficiency in SQL for data manipulation and extraction

– Strong Python skills, capable of writing modular and readable code for experiments and prototypes

– A solid mathematical background, preferably in a Computer Science-related field

– Proficiency in the scientific Python toolkit, including NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, and either Keras/TensorFlow or PyTorch

– Familiarity with Time Series Forecasting approaches

– Experience in statistical testing methodologies, including A/B testing

– At least 3 years of experience working with tabular and mixed (multimodal) data (e.g., tabular data combined with text, audio, or images)

– Upper-intermediate or higher level of English (for future communication with clients and user interviews)

Soft skills:

– Analytical mindset and strong critical thinking abilities

– Leadership skills to efficiently organize the data team (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts)

– Agile approach, with the ability to experiment and test hypotheses in an unstable business environment

– Business-oriented mindset, able to translate complex models into simple business language

– Excellent presentation skills, capable of communicating complex ideas effectively

– Curiosity and a commitment to continuous learning within the domain

– Strong team player, able to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams

We offer

– Rich innovative software stack, freedom to choose the best suitable technologies

– Remote-first ideology: freedom to operate from the home office or any suitable coworking

– Flexible working hours (we start from 8 to 11 am) and no time tracking systems on

– Regular performance and compensation reviews

– Recurrent 1-1s and measurable OKRs

– In-depth onboarding with a clear success track

– Cover 70% of the tuition/course fees

– 20 vacation days, 15 days off, and up to one week of paid Christmas holidays

– 20 business days of sick leave

– Partial medical insurance coverage

– We reimburse the cost of coworking